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About Reversing The Trauma of War

Up to 30% of veterans suffer from combat-related PTSD. Suicide rates for veterans are 100-times greater than the civilian average. 55 in 100 women (55%) and 38 in 100 men (38%) report experiencing sexual trauma while in the military.


Almost all veterans and active duty personnel have experienced some form of trauma, impacting not only themselves, but their families, friends, and children.

Designed specifically for veterans, active duty, and reserve military personnel, Reversing The Trauma of War teaches you to take charge of your own healing through daily breathing and visualization exercises proven to reduce the symptoms of PTSD.  

Inside, you'll find a step by step guide to alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, despair, and anger. Each section targets a different issue, ranging from hypervigilance, to insomnia and nightmares, to sexual trauma.

Through this book, you can reduce, and even eliminate, stress responses to scent, noise, and visual triggers; The exercises also target physical pain and trauma—from general chronic pain, to specific pain arising from amputation, wounds, and traumatic brain injuries. Three additional sections also address friends, families, and clinicians who support those suffering from PTSD.

Find the press release here.

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